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The Necessity of a Home Security System Whether You Lock Up or Not
How to Secure Top Secret Documents and Priceless Valuables
What are the benefits of having a monitored alarm system compared to a DIY( Do it yourself) system?
Burglary Prevention Techniques for High End Stores

The Necessity of a Home Security System Whether You Lock Up or Not

Locking your doors is one of the most basic of measures for securing your home. However, it is not a guarantee of safety since many burglars break into homes by smashing windows or picking/jamming the door locks. So what can you do to increase the chances of safety and security of your home? When you are away, who is watching your family and assets? Consider these facts before making your next decision on how to protect your family:

In 2010, there were more than two million home burglaries in the United States. Over 70 percent of those took place in residential homes, reports the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Furthermore, the victims of these burglaries claimed an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property, and the average dollar value lost per burglary was $2,119.
Here are five reasons why you should have a home security:

  1. Protect your family and assets – Is saving a few dollars worth the loss of your precious and priceless valuables? Think about the aftermaths that victims have to experience, only to realize too late that they should have invested in a very affordable system that could have prevented much needless heartache.
  2. Control your home remotely while away – If you ever wondered if your young children or your disable mother is alright at home while you are way for long hours at work, you don’t have to. There are many options for you to be able to monitor them wherever you are with a simple internet connection. In this case, you can really buy peace of mind.
  3. Deter potential crime – Prevention is the key to dealing with any traumatic situations. Many criminals do not even attempt to break into homes that they can see are secure. Easy targets make better business for them.
  4. Detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide – Many homes have burned down due to faulty fire alarms or ones with dead batteries. There have also been many cases of residents who had to be sent to hospitals because of carbon monoxide poisoning, of which of course, they were not aware until it was too late.
  5. Qualify for discounts on your home insurance – Almost every insurance companies looks favorably upon homeowners and residents who value and take care of their security to prevent loss and thus, save them money. This allows the companies to pass the savings onto you.

Neglecting these potentially obvious but vital details is usually what invites crime to your place of residence or work. Almost every perpetrators prefers the path of least resistance to complete their objectives. Prevention is the best method, and the way to show them your property is secure is to post a security sign outside your home. The second is to minimize loss while catching the criminals.
We can help you protect your home in a plethora of ways, from all different levels of service, most of them very affordable. Do not place games with your family’s safety and stick with the proven business that has specialized in giving residents the peace of mind for decades.

How to Secure Top Secret Documents and Priceless Valuables

You may be operating an organization in which you store trade secrets and company papers that cannot get into the incorrect hands. Crooks have actually infiltrated homes and offices for much less than intelligence that provides them the means to profit in the millions. Many underestimate the inadequate protection that exists in the location of their company or homes, and just understand the mistake after it is too late. The key is to employ a professional and reputable safety organization that includes decades of expertise in executing this exact task. Most people may assume that such a great protection solution may cost them an arm and a leg, but that’s false, particularly considering that the amount of valuables you might possibly lose while attempting to conserve a couple of dollars. Check out these tips to keep your secure possessions safe.

1. Utilize state of the art technology to stay ahead of the game – Keep away from the regional and smaller security companies which utilize outdated hardware and software which are effortlessly cracked by even average crooks. Get with an organization that uses the most advanced technology in remote live monitoring, arming/disarming system, and additionally managing light, thermostat and appliances. Your many secured possessions should reside in an area that is protected by infrared cameras that record night and day, 24/7, plus a movement detector. There are additionally contact sensors that install to your doors that detect intrusion. Another helpful choice is a glass break detector that will set off a security if anyone comes through a sliding glass home or screen.

2. In-house monitoring and dispatch – Real time monitoring solution speaks for itself. However, it is vital to have the full monitoring service within the same facilities as the protection organization for maximum response effectiveness and execution whenever a protection breach does take place. With regards to finding the perpetrators and preventing them from getting away along with your invaluable possessions, every second is important to exponentially boost the possibilities of getting and bringing them to justice. A lot of “top” safety companies outsource their monitoring to save on their expenditures, while you suffer on such a plan.

3. Lower additional fees for standard services – Ensure that the security organization includes a quality service plan inside the standard bundle to avoid huge extra costs. A lot of companies charge additional for on-site service, professionals and upkeep. These should all be a part of your regular month-to-month monitoring charges so you don’t have to be concerned about exactly what each event will cost you.

Many smaller security providers will need to market themselves as up to date high security options just like the best ones. But in reality, there are only a couple of companies that give you the total package. Make certain you are not satisfied with the second best when it concerns your livelihood, family, and business.

What are the benefits of having a monitored alarm system compared to a
DIY( Do it yourself) system?

With the rising number of burglaries and thefts, there has been a boost among homeowners and businesses in looking for options to protect their family and investments. Currently, the two most common ways to achieve this are:

1) A reliable monitored alarm system that will contact the police or the fire department in case of a burglar or a fire
2) A similar system that is not monitored
3) A DIY system where you will have to install everything yourself and also does not contact the authorities nor the home or business owners.

The following information will illustrate why having a monitored alarm system is the best way to protect your family and business, with the much needed peace of mind.
When you order a monitored alarm system, a professional security consultant will go to your house or business and discuss your security needs in detail, and evaluate what equipment should be installed depending on your home or business layout. Then a professional technician will install the alarm system and test it to make sure it is connected to the central station and the emergency contact numbers that are provided by you in case of an incident.

A DIY system has to be installed by first buying all necessary equipment from a retail store. Most people have very little or no experience installing an alarm system and can cause vital mistakes. For example, if the motion detector is not placed in the right space, while the door and window contacts are not correctly installed, all that work can be potentially worthless. Furthermore, in case some equipment gets damage or just breaks down, the entire system might have to be purchased again because the add ons are as expensive as the entire system itself.

The most reliable alarm companies are currently offering advance technologies for home and business automation, such as arming/disarming the alarm system remotely, getting notifications as a form of text messages or e-mails when a contact or a motion is triggered, and can even get thirty second video clips of events that happened at your home or business. Controlling your thermostat and light are also features that are offered by the monitored alarm companies.

In case of a burglary or fire, it is extremely important to notify the corresponding authorities immediately because every second lost can lead to disastrous consequences. Monitored alarm/fire systems have helped save many people, pets, and properties. That is the main feature of getting an alarm that can contact the authorities when needed the most, when no one is home to watch the house, when the family is asleep. High level of carbon monoxide which is also a silent killer that needs constant attention. DIY systems do not have these capabilities to contact the authorities and have constant advanced monitoring for a reasonable price, which is why security experts will recommend that you go for the monitored alarm/fire systems.

Burglary Prevention Techniques for High End Stores

The primary perpetrator in the 2011 Provident Jewelry retailers Heist in Jupiter, FL is headed to prison after he provided a complete confession. Pedro Luis Enriquez, aka “El Loco,” had staged a sophisticated technique in order to break into the shop through an adjoining room that people only see in films. He got away with more than $15 million worth of products, but was finally caught as a result of a tip from a confidential neighborhood source. The owner of the store wasn’t accessible for public thoughts on exactly how a crook was able to get away clean from his store, but rest assured, this does not have to happen to you.

Regardless of if the owner knew it or not, his store sported an alarm that was susceptible to such an attack. There are numerous degrees of security for a store as there are different types of locks, gates, and front doors. One of the first features that’s essential for any store that holds such treasured goods is a system referred to as a cell backup radio. This system enables a security system to stay completely operational irrespective of the lined power feed. For instance, if your location suffers from a hurricane and the electrical power is down momentarily, the alarm system would nevertheless go off in the event the store were breached. In this specific situation, Enriquez’s cutting the phone lines to disconnect the system would have been useless if the cell backup radio would have been set up, because it would have discovered him from his heat signature even without the phone line. This may appear to be a Hollywood super gizmo, but they are in fact available for reasonable prices that offer cutting edge protection.

In addition to this device, infrared Digital recording device units can also be set up to provide a digital recording that will help identify the criminal and his activities during the entire robbery, despite his efforts of stealth. However, if the video were not under live monitoring by security specialists 24 / 7, the success would be significantly reduced.

Many people who run businesses think that the minimum security is good enough and that their insurance plan will cover the rest. This is a terrible strategy to approach your livelihood, and nothing is better than investing a few extra dollars in having a great security team behind you. When it comes to minimizing loss, every second matters, so quick response times from live surveillance is crucial. Whether you own a sophisticated jewelry shop or an ancient antique store, obtaining top of the line security in your corner will eradicate nearly every crime in its tracks before it prevents your business from continued prosperity.